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jr. fair livestock division

Dairy/Beef New for 2022 DAIRY FEEDER/MARKET DAIRY STEER SHOW Tuesday, June 21 – 8:00 AM Show Order for Dairy Feeder/Dairy Steer Show: Dairy Feeder Calf Judging followed by Showmanship (Sr., Jr. & 1st year),1st year showmanship ages are 9-12 (given it’s their first year taking the project.) 1/2 hour break, then start of Market Dairy Steer Judging. NOTE: Dairy Feeders/Dairy Steers not being sold will be released on Sunday. Tuesday, June 21 – 4:00 PM Show Order for Beef Feeder Calf/ Beef Steer Show: Beef Feeder Calf Judging then 1/2 hour break, the start with Breeding/Market Heifer/ Beef Judging followed by Showmanship (Sr. & Jr.) NOTE: Beef Feeder/Breeding & Market Beef will be released on Sunday. If you exhibit cattle in either the dairy barn or beef barn you can use your choice of the following bedding material in the barn and tie outs: Bark/Mulch, Sawdust or Ground Corn Cobs. 1. Beef Breeding Cattle base date is September 1st. All beef breeding breeds will be shown separately. 2. Animals may be purchased at any place and may consist of any recognized breed or crosses of cattle fed for beef. 3. Animal cannot be shown in more than one county Jr. Fair. 4. All animals must be owned/ leased and cared for by the exhibitor. Mkt. Steers/Mkt Heifers/Dairy Steers must be in possession by January 1st. Feeder calves and breeding animals – April 15th. 5. Exhibitors are allowed a maximum of 4 mkt. steers/mkt. heifers/ dairy steers, 2 beef feeders, 2 dairy feeders, and one breeding animal in each class. 6. Animals must be halter broken and be so trained that exhibitors can handle without assistance. 7. After possession, animals must be so segregated from regular herd that reasonable accurate feeding records can be determined and that a project obviously exist. No steers are to be fed in a large herd of feeder cattle. 8. As a safety precaution – animals should not be brought to the fair with horns. The Fair Board has the right to refuse showing privileges with horned animals. 9. All mkt steers/mkt heifers/dairy steers must be ear tagged/pictures as part of the official I.D. date. 10. One fan per head only allowed on beef animals. Fans must be secured above cattle and will not be allowed to sit on the ground or on anything else. Fans must be secured above the animal on lead side only. No box fans allowed. 11. Male feeder calves must be castrated. Heifer calves will be allowed to show in the Feeder Calf division. 12. Market heifers cannot be shown as a breeding heifer and vice versa. 13. Required tagging/pictures are due by the January deadline set each year. 14. If two animals belong to the same exhibitor fall into the same class, the exhibitor has the option to shift to the next higher weight class or select another Putnam County 4-H exhibitor to show the animal in the same class. 15. If exhibitor pulls their animal from the feeder calf auction, the animal is not eligible to go through the livestock sale for premium. 16. Release time of dairy and beef feeder calves will be 12:00 AM- 10:00 AM on Sunday after the fair. 17. Buyers to pick up purchased lots between 9:00 AM-10:00 AM on Sunday after the fair. 18. Fence posts for dairy barn must be even with white gates. 19. All feed, hay, bedding, and supplies must remain off cement walkway in dairy barn to be courteous to the general public. BEEF BREEDING CLASSES CLASS A – Angus CLASS B – Chiania CLASS C – Crossbred CLASS D – Herefords CLASS E – Shorthorn CLASS F – Simmental CLASS G – All Other Animals entered in breed classes (A-F) must be eligible for registration in their breed association. Class # Class Premium A, B, C $5.00 $4.50 $4.00 J0 Heifer, Calf, born after Sept. 1, 2021 J1 Heifer born between March 1, 2021 & Aug. 31, 2021 J2 Heifer, born between Sept. 1, 2020 & Feb. 28, 2020 J3 Cow, born prior to Sept. 1, 2020 Banners will be awarded to: Grand and Reserve Grand Champion and Champion and Reserve in each breed. MARKET BEEF CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $4.00 $3.50 $3.00 J4 Market Steer J4-A Market Heifer J5 Dairy Steer J6 Dairy Feeder Calf J7 Beef Feeder Calf All market beef classes will be classed by weight with a maximum of 13 head per class. If two animals belonging to the same exhibitor fall into the same class, exhibitor has the option to shift the animal to the next higher weight class or select another Putnam 4-H exhibitor to show their animal in the same class. * First place steers/heifers in each weight class will be eligible for the Grand & Reserve Grand Champion. Second to the Grand Champion will be eligible for Reserve Grand Champion * All Market Steers weighing less than 900 pounds and all Market Heifers weighing less than 800 pounds will be shown as separate class and will not be eligible for Grand/Reserve Champion. * A 2% shrink weight will be calculated for the sale. * Weights for Dairy and Beef Feeder Calves need to weigh between 300- 600 pounds to be eligible for Grand/ Reserve Champion. Champion NOTE: You cannot pull your first or second place class winner from the championship drive.

Goat Goat Show: Monday, June 20 – 8:00 AM Show Order: (Showmanship Goats Sr. Jr. 1st Year) (Showmanship) Pygmy Goats Sr. Jr.) Meat and Dairy Breeding, Pygmy Goats, Market Does/Market Wethers NOTE: Breeding Goats and Market Goats not being sold will be released on Sunday. 1. All Meat Breeding and Dairy Breeding projects will be placed in South Swine barn unless space is available in Goat/Sheep barn. Final location determined by Senior Fair Board. 2. No more then 2 goat entries per project (doe/market wether, dairy breeding goat, meat breeding goat, Pygmy goat), with a total maximum number of goats to be no more then 6 goats per exhibitor. 3. No Meat/Dairy breeding projects will go through premium sale. Will show for Champion and Res Champion only. 4. Junior Fair Meat/Dairy Breeding entries are not permitted in open class Bred and Fed Show. Open Class Bred and Fed entries have to come from the entered junior fair market goat projects. 5. Must be enrolled in 4-H/FFA goat project that matches the entries for junior fair goat classes. 6. All market goats must have an approved USDA Scrapies tag recorded at the April weigh-in. 7. All Dairy Kid and Yearling exhibits must not be in milk production. 8. All Milk Goat exhibits are to be completely milked out by 11:30 PM on Sunday of Weigh In. 9. All horns on wether goats must be removed prior to fair. Horns must be 1 inch or less from base of skull. The Fair Board has the right to refuse showing privileges with horned animals. Doe(s) are permitted to have horns. 10. No male goats other than market wether goats permitted on fairgrounds. 11. Animal must weigh at least 50 pounds to be eligible for Grand/Reserve Champion. 12. Market goats will be divided into Market Doe and Mkt. Wether classes and then by weights in each of those divisions. 13. Market Exhibitors may make two entries. 14. Pygmy Class exhibitors may make two entries 15. All market goats must have scrapie ear tag and registered by the April deadline. 16. Only four goats may be registered by the April deadline 17. If two animals belonging to the same exhibitor fall into the same class, the exhibitor has the option to shift the animal to the next higher weight class or select another Putnam County 4-H exhibitor to show their animal in the same class. First and second place wether are eligible for Grand/Reserve Grand Champion NOTE: You cannot pull your first or second place doe/ wether class winner from the championship drive. MEAT BREEDING GOAT CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $3.75 $3.50 $3.00 Goat Meat Breeding J13 0-6 Months by date of show J14 7-12 Months by date of show J15 13-24 Months by date of show

DAIRY BREEDING GOATS J17 Jr. Dairy Kid born on or after March 1, 2021 (Not in milk production) J18 Sr. Dairy Kid, born between Dec. 1, 2021 & Feb. 28, 2021 J19 Yearling Goat born between Dec. 1, 2020 & Nov. 30, 2021 (Not in milk production) J20 Doe between 1 & 3 years old (In milk production) J21 Aged Doe over 3 years of age (In milk production) Class T – Alpline Class U – Lamancha Class V – Nubian Class W – Oberhasli Class X – Toggenburg Class Y – ALL OTHER MARKET GOAT CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $3.75 $3.50 $3.00 J22-1 Market Doe J22-2 Market Wether Market Goats must all have milk/ baby teeth. PYGMY GOAT CLASS J23-1 Does under 12 months of age J23-2 Wethers under 12 months of age J23-3 Does over 12 months of age J23-4 Wethers over 12 months of age

Swine Swine Show: Wednesday, June 22 at 8:00 AM Show Order: Showmanship (Experienced ages 16-18, intermediate ages 13-15, novice ages 10-12 & 1st year ages 9-12, given it’s their first year taking a swine project.) Gilts – three weight divisions, & barrows – three weight divisions. Gilt Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion and then Barrow Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Champions and Reserve Champions must go to slaughter. 1. Each exhibitor will have a pen for their own hogs. 2. Maximum number of market hogs for exhibitors is three. Exhibitor may show three gilts, three barrows, or a combination of gilts and barrows. • Gilts and Barrows will be divided into three weight divisions; Light weight (210-235 lb), Medium weight (236-260 lb), and Heavy weight (261-280 lb). • Weight division 3. There will be a separate show for barrows/gilts with a champion and reserve champion barrow/gilt overall 4. Champion Barrow and Champion Gilt do not show against each other. 5. Premium will be paid on a single entry shown. 6. All hogs must have at least 1/2 inch of body hair. Head, under belly and tail may be shorter. 7. All exhibitors must be present at the scheduled weigh-in for show. All hogs in Jr. Fair classes must be weighed. 8. Market Hogs must weigh between 210-280 to be eligible for Champion. 9. All fans need to be faced north in the north barn and south in the south barn. 10. All pigs must be Ractopamine free and complete an affidavit. Affidavit must be turned in at animal load in. Champion NOTE: You cannot pull your first or second place class winner from the championship drive. SWINE CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $2.75 $2.50 $2.00 J24 Market Hogs – Gilt J25 Market Hogs – Barrow

Sheep Sheep Show: Monday, June 20th at 4:30 PM Show Order: Breeding, Mkt. Ewes, Mkt Wethers, Grand Champion/ Reserve Champion Market Lamb, Showmanship (Sr. Jr.). NOTE: Breeding Sheep & Market Lambs not being sold will be released on Sunday. Male sheep in market class must be castrated to be eligible to show. 1. All market lambs must have an approved USDA Scrapies tag recorded at the April weigh-in. 2. All market lambs must be freshly slick shorn per breed characteristics prior to weigh in. 3. Market lambs will be divided into classes by weights. Class size: Single – 10 maximum Options: Three ewes, three wethers, or a combination of ewes and wethers. 4. Sheep base date is Sep 1. 5. If two animals belonging to the same exhibitor falls into the same class, the exhibitor has the option to shift the animal to the next higher weight class or select another Putnam 4-H exhibitor to show their animal in the same class. 6. All market lambs to show and sell must have scrappie tagged and registered by April deadline. 7. Market lambs must weigh at least 85 pounds to be eligible for Champion/Reserve Champion. 8. Market lamb(s) cannot be shown as a breeding project. 9. All racks to be stored on the west of side of the sheep barn. 10. After shearing sheep all the wool must be cleaned up. NOTE: You cannot pull your first or second place Market Ewe, Market Wether class winners from the championship drive. SHEEP BREEDING CLASSES CLASS T – Corriedale CLASS U – Cross Breeds CLASS V – Dorset CLASS W – Commercial Breeds CLASS X – Suffolk CLASS Y – Tunis CLASS Z – All other recognized breeds Class # Class Premium A, B, C $3.75 $3.50 $3.00 J27 Ram Lamb, born after Sept. 1, 2020 J28 Yearling Ram, born between Sept. 1, 2020 & Aug. 31, 2021 J 29 Ewe Lamb, born after Sept. 1, 2021 J30 Yearling Ewe, born between Sept. 1, 2019 & Aug. 31, 2021 J31 Market Ewe J32 Market Wethers $4.00 $3.00 $2.00

Fowl/Poultry Poultry Show: Wednesday, June 22 at 8:30 AM Show Order: Required Showmanship (Sr., Jr., 1st Year) 1st year showmanship ages are 9-12 (given it’s their first year taking the project) followed by Poultry Breeding, Market Classes NOTE: Fowl/Poultry Animals not being sold will be released on Sunday. 1. Only one entry allowed in each class listed below. 2. No Texas Show Birds are allowed. 3. All selling meat chickens will be picked up and processed on the last Saturday/Sunday of the fair. 4. Must be of same breed and same variety, but can be any sex. 5. Only meat chickens in the correct weight division are eligible. 6. Exhibitor must submit an online DUNF upon entry into fair. 7. All fowl/poultry needs to be weighed before pennig the animal. CHICKEN CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $2.25 $2.00 $1.50 J34 Meat Chickens Meat Chickens hatch dates April 28 – May 12 and owned within 48 hours after hatch. NOTE: winners with weights of 4 to 7 lbs will show for Grand/Reserve Champions and under and over weights will show in noncompetitive division. J34 Pen of meat chickens, any breed, any color, any sex. J35 Ducks – meat ducks should be hatched between April 28 – May 12 and owned within 48 hours. 1. Meat Ducks – pen of 2 A. Bantam Ducks pen of 2 B. Light Ducks pen of 2 C. Medium Ducks pen of 2 D. Heavy Ducks pen of 2 J36 Turkeys – meat turkeys should be hatched February 8 to February 23, and have been owned and cared for by exhibitor from the age of 48 hours after hatching. 1. Meat turkeys – pen of 2 2. Fancy turkeys – pen of 2 J37 Geese 1. Meat geese – pen of 2 2. Fancy geese – pen of 2 (goose & gander) J38 Standard Breeds 1. American Class a. Pen of two 2. Asiatic Class a. Pen of two 3. English Class a. Pen of two 4. Mediterranean Class a. Pen of two 5. Continental Class a. Pen of two 6. All other Standard Breeds (AOSB) Class a. Pen of two J39 Bantams 1. Game Bantams a. Pen of two 2. Single Comb Clean Legged Bantams (SCCL) a. Pen of two 3. Rose Comb Clean Legged Bantams (RCCL) a. Pen of two 4. Any Other Comb Legged Bantams (AOCCL) a. Pen of two 5. Feather Legged Bantams a. Pen of two J40 Peacocks 1. Pen of a pair J41 All other Game Birds – Pen of Two (Class J41 entries may be asked to provide own pen and have appropriate permits) J33 Egg Production Class 1. Eggs will be judged in 5 Categories (20 Points Each) 2. One Egg from the entry will be broken to judge interior quality 3.All entries need to bring one dozen eggs. J33A Large Fowl J33B Bantama J33C Waterfowl J33D All Other

Rabbit Rabbit Show: Monday, June 20 at 8:30 AM Show Order: Showmanship (Sr., Jr., 1st year) 1st year showmanship ages 9-12(given it their first year taking the project), Doe and litter cage side judging, breeding, single fryer and pen of three market rabbits. NOTE: Breeding Rabbits & Market Rabbits not being sold will be released on Sunday. Class # Class Premium A, B, C $2.25 $2.00 $1.50 Market Rabbit Project: J49 – Pen of Three Fryers 1. Must weigh 3 – 5.5 lbs. to be eligible for champion. If one rabbit is over/under weight, the whole pen will be ineligible for champion. 2. A pen of 3 fryers consist of the same breed and variety. 3. Not to exceed 10 weeks of age as of the first day of the Putnam County Fair. 4. Rabbits must be tattooed on scheduled ID date in May to be eligible to show. 5. Fancy breeds (four class) are not eligible for the Market Rabbit Project. Animals must be a commercial breed (six class). 6. Must be a complete pen of 3 fryers for entry at weigh in. Must designate pen of 3 prior to weigh in at fair. J51 – Single Fryer 1. Must weigh 3 – 5.5 lbs. to be eligible for champion. If a rabbit is over/under weight, it will be ineligible for champion. 2. Not to exceed 10 weeks of age as of the first day of the Putnam County Fair. 3. Must have rabbit at tattoo date in May to be eligible to show. If the bunny is too small, contact the Putnam County Extension Office. 4. Fancy breeds (four class) are not eligible for the Market Rabbit Project. Animals must be a commercial breed (six class). 5. Single fryer will not sell at the Animal Auction. Single Fyers will be sold to market unless pulled on day of show. Breeding Rabbit Project 1. Exhibitor may exhibit up to 7 pens of rabbits-with no duplicate breed class entries. a. Example: may exhibit a Californian Sr. Doe and a Netherland Dwarf Sr. Doe. b. Example: may exhibit a Holland Lop Jr. Buck and a Rex Jr. Buck. 2. All rabbits should meet ARBA standards. 3. Breed classes will be determined after all animals are on the fairgrounds on Sunday evening. 4. Banners will be given to the top 8 classes. 5. Breed classes will not be split by variety for judging. 6. No awards will be awarded unless there are at least 6 entries in the breed. 7. Exhibitors choose from the following classes: a. J42 Doe & Litter b. J43 Sr. Buck c. J44 Sr. Doe d. J45 6-8 Buck (no fancy breed rabbits) e. J46 6-8 Doe (no fancy breed rabbits) f. J47 Jr. Buck g. J48 Jr. Doe i. Bunnies should be 3-6 weeks of age at fair time. ii. Please have some kind of identification in the bunnies ears.

Horse/Pony Pleasure Show: Monday, June 20 at 9:00 AM Performance Classes Cont.: Wednesday, June 22 at 8:30 AM Contesting: 3:00 PM Versatility Show: Thursday, June 23 at 6:00 PM Adult Show: Friday, June 24 at 7:00 PM Jr. Horse Awards Program: Saturday June 25 at 11:00 AM Jr. Fair Kids Fun Show: To follow the awards ceremony NOTE: Horses/Ponies will be released on Sunday. 1. Junior Division members and first year Senior Division members are permitted one Horse/Pony only. Senior Division members are permitted up to two animals {consisting of one horse/one pony, two horses, or two ponies} as space allows and at the discretion of the Putnam County Ag Society. a. All animals brought to the fair MUST be exhibited in a class, unless the fair veterinarian treats the animal during the fair and excuses it from showing. i. In the event that an exhibitor does not comply with the above rules, the member will forfeit the right to bring more than one animal the following year. b. In the event that the number of equines brought to the fair must be capped, those members with the highest seniority within the horse program will be given first choice to bring more than one animal and will continue down the line of seniority until the number reaches the maximum number of head. i. In the event that members have the same number of years of exhibiting horses at the fair, birthdates will determine order of seniority. c. A seniority list will be kept updated by the Show Secretary. 2. Showmanship is MANDATORY for all exhibitors. All animals are required to be exhibited in Western or English Showmanship class on Monday; the only exception to this rule is if exhibitor brings 2 horses or 2 ponies. If an exhibitor brings 1 horse and 1 pony BOTH are required to enter showmanship. 3. All youth under 19, participating in any 4-H equestrian activity OR riding a horse at the fairgrounds, are required to wear properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards with the chin harness securely fastened at all times while riding or driving an equine. The Ohio 4-H Horse/Pony Program, Show Committees, Officials, Judges, Extension Personnel and Volunteer Leaders may, at his/her discretion, check a participant’s protective headgear for proper standards. If the youth is found to be wearing unapproved, defective, or improperly fitted headgear, he/she will not be permitted to participate in riding or driving activities until proper headgear is acquired. 4. No studs allowed in any of the classes after their weanling year. 5. All 4-H rules and policies are in effect and all exhibitors are expected to be familiar with all county and state rules. 6. On show days only the exhibitor is allowed to school/ride the animal. The only exceptions to this are for a safety issue, for educational purposes, or they have entered a class at the open show. The following rules apply. a. The member must be present b. This rule is in effect the entire June Show weekend. c. This rule is in effect from move in day of the fair until after the Versatility show has ended. Fair week is considered one show. d. If the council finds that this rule has not been followed, the exhibitor is disqualified for the entire show (June show weekend) &/or (Fair Week). 7. First year exhibitors in Championship classes for Showmanship, Equitation, & Horsemanship must show according to their age. 8 The number of horses or ponies per class will be at the judge’s discretion. 9. All entries for classes close when preceding class enters the arena. 10. All exhibitors showing a different species the same date/time as one of the horse fair shows need to notify show steward by no later than show entry time, so the show committee can attempt to accommodate any conflicts with classes. 11. The show committee WILL HOLD the placings of Showmanship Classes to allow exhibitors to show their other species; however, riding classes CANNOT be held as there is already a 2-minute gate call in place; nor will the classes be switched around from order on the showbill. 12. At ALL shows, TWO MINUTE GATE CALL will be strictly enforced. 13. Tack changes need to be requested no later than 2 classes prior to when the tack change is needed. Tack changes can be requested at time of entry. 14. All ponies MUST be measured. Putnam County Horse Council DOES NOT accept breed height cards. a. Measurements of all are kept by the Horse Council, after age 7, ponies will not be required to be measured as long as the animal in question is in the county database. 15. Horses MUST wear a halter at all times during the fair. 16. Horses can be required to be tied at the discretion of all head advisors. 17. Anyone riding a horse/pony in the arena MUST wear boots. 18. There will be no riding or exercising of horses or ponies inside or outside the arena between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM. 19. No horses allowed past the beef barn, on the track, up midway, or in the infield at any time. 20. When riding horses outside the arena, you are permitted to WALK ONLY. 21. Any members riding double are only permitted to do so at the WALK. 22. Once an animal enters the fairgrounds for the fair, it is expected to stay the entire week. a. If a horse becomes sick or injured during the fair, the fair vet in conjunction with the Fair board and Show Committee, may decide it needs to be released early. 23. Attendance at the Horse Flag Ceremony is MANDATORY for all exhibitors showing at the June Show and at Fair. a. Monday starting at 8:45 AM is mandatory for all horse exhibitors. Attendance at the Horse Flag Ceremony on Wednesday starting at 9:45 AM is mandatory for any member exhibiting at the performance and/ or contesting show and is open to all members. The only exceptions to this will be those members excused by the Horse Council prior to the show. 24. Walk & Trot classes are available to all members; however, any member entered in a Walk & Trot class will not be eligible to compete in any of three-gaited classes, including contesting and Easy Gaited classes. This will follow the horse/rider combination. 25. All decisions by the judge are final. Grievances along with a $100 fee should be filed with the show steward at the completion of the show. 26. ANY and ALL communications with the judge must be made through the show steward at ALL 4-H shows. 27. Any and all equipment that is the property of or has been given to the Horse Council to use for shows MUST stay at the Fairgrounds. This equipment MUST be put away after use. This includes all barrels, jumps, cones, poles, speed and control box, etc. In the event any equipment is damaged, please alert the horse council immediately. 28. Anytime exhibitors are practicing contesting patterns, whether at a clinic or during the fair, all patterns ran/worked at any time MUST BE OFFSET of ALL PAS patterns!! 29. The only equipment to be used to drag/work the arena up are those pieces with no more than a 3-inch spike – absolutely nothing deeper. 30.The arena will be dragged after every 10th run, with obstacles moved as needed / warranted to ensure footing is worked. 31. During Fair Week the following day(s) and time(s) have been set aside for only contesting exhibitors to use the arena. There will be two hours designated for contesters with the FIRST hour of each designated time to be for the purpose of FREE RIDE ONLY. The SECOND hour of each designated time will be for the purpose of PATTERN WORK ONLY. ALL patterns must be offset of the PAS patterns. a. Monday – will begin ONE hour after completion of the Pleasure Show until arena closes. b. Tuesday – 6:00 PM-9:00 PM c. If the arena is empty, contesters are allowed to utilize the arena for exercising/pattern work regardless of the time of day. In the event of a non-contesting exhibitor riding in the arena, all contesting exercising must be kept under control. 32. Show of Showmen Representative will be decided in the Show of Showman Qualifying Class during the fair. All Reserve and Grand Champions of each of the four Senior Division Showmanship classes are required to participate in this qualifying class. 33. Any exhibitor participating in the Awards Ceremony needs to be dressed appropriately. 34. All equine exhibited at the Putnam County Fair will need to have the drug form currently approved by the Putnam County Horse Council and a new vaccine form completed and turned in to advisor by 6pm Sunday move in day of fair. 35. The following vaccines will be highly recommended for all equine exhibited at the fair: Influenza, Rhino pneumonitis, Tetanus, Eastern Encephalomyelitis, Western Encephalomyelitis, Rabies, and Potomac Horse Fever. An additional vaccine of Strangles for equine less than four years of age is also recommended. The Horse Council strongly recommends that all equine receive a West Nile vaccination. 36. All equine exhibited at the Putnam County Fair MUST USE stall cards provided by the Horse Council during the fair. The stall cards will better allow all advisors, department superintendent, and show committee members to better assist animals if an emergency arises. 37. The Horse Council will also be utilizing equine treatment forms. These forms will be used for any animals that either enters the fair with restrictions, under a veterinarians care, or for any animal treated by a veterinarian during the fair. a. Any equine that enters the Fair under a veterinarian’s care or with restrictions must have the care plan restrictions on file with the show management, head advisor, and department superintendent. b. This will be accomplished by completing a treatment form and filing it with the show committee chairperson who then is responsible for ensuring persons stated previously are made aware of the situation. c. Any equine treated on the grounds during the fair must also file a treatment form with the show committee chairperson so previously stated people are aware of the situation. d. In both situations the treatment forms must include the following information; date and reason for treatment, diagnosis, treatment/care plan, medication (as applicable), any restrictions in activity. e. Any equine who either enters the Fair under a treatment plan or is treated during the fair will have their stall card marked with a star if the equine needs to be monitored closer or watched for signs of condition deteriorating. All treatment forms will be held with the show committee chairperson and stored for a period of three weeks and then be destroyed. f. The show committee chairperson is responsible for ensuring all head advisors, the department superintendents, and extension educator are all made aware of any treatments by a veterinarian during the Putnam County Fair. g. As space allows the two end stalls on the southwest end of the white pony barn will be designated as treatment stalls. These stalls will be utilized by equine that require closer monitoring, IV therapy, advanced first aid, or as determined by the head advisor, department superintendent, or veterinarian. 38. The Horse Council HIGHLY RECCOMEND any equine that perishes at the fair be sent for a necropsy. if the exhibitor/owner chooses to do so then: a. The fair vet will call the facility to arrange for them to take possession of the body. b. Horse Council will be pay up to $350 for the necropsy. 39. Exhibitors MUST CLEAN UP after their horse (manure) ad themselves (garbage) and MUST PUT AWAY EQUIPMENT after using it any time they utilize the fairgrounds; this includes clinics, fair week, and/or any time they ride at the fairgrounds. 40. Exhibitors are expected to be familiar with and follow any and all additional rules for additional awards that are awarded during the fair. Please see the awards section, beginning on page 15 of this rule book for complete list of Awards and Rules 41. Exhibitors are expected to be familiar with and follow all rules in the fair book. 42. Participants in the Old Timer Show are limited to the following: Parents, Grandparents, current Horse Club Advisors, siblings of current members, and former 4-H members who have been out of 4-H five (5) or less years. 43. The Putnam County Horse Council must approve any exceptions or changes in the above stated rules in conjunction with the Extension Office. WESTERN SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES Class # Class Premium A, B, C $5.00 $4.50 $3.00 J51-A 1st Year Pony Western Showmanship J51-B Jr. Pony Western Showmanship J51-C Sr. Pony Western Showmanship J51-D Pony Mare & Foal J51-E Yearling Pony J52-A 1st Year Horse Western Showmanship J52-B Jr. Horse Western Showmanship J52-C Sr. Horse Western Showmanship J52-D Horse Mare & Foal J52-E Yearling Horse ENGLISH SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES J53-A 1st Year Pony English Showmanship J53-B Jr. Pony English Showmanship J53-C Sr. Pony English Showmanship J54-A 1st Year Horse English Showmanship J54-B Jr. Horse English Showmanship J54-C Sr. Horse English Showmanship ENGLISH EQUITATION CLASSES J55-A 1st Year Pony English Equitation J55-B Jr. Pony English Equitation J55-C Sr. Pony English Equitation J56-A 1st year Horse English Equitation J56-B Jr. Horse English Equitation J56-C Sr. Horse English Equitation Equitation Champion Class~ J57-A Jr. Pony Hunter under saddle J57-B Sr. Pony Hunter under saddle J58-A Jr. Horse Hunter under saddle J58-B Sr. Horse Hunter under saddle J59-A Jr. Pony Hunter Hack J59-B Sr. Pony Hunter Hack J60-A Jr. Horse Hunter Hack J60-B Sr. Horse Hunter Hack J61 Small Equine Hunter in Hand J62 Small Equine Jumper J63 Pleasure Driving WESTERN PERFORMANCE CLASSES 58” and UNDER J64 Driving Reinsmanship J65** Walk & Trot (horse/pony) 1 Exhibitors in J64 Class Walk & Trot class CANNOT show in any other 3 gaited classes, including contesting. J66-A Easy Gaited Equitation J66-B East Gaited Pleasure J67-A 1st Year Pony Western Horsemanship J67-B Jr. Pony Western Horsemanship J67-C Sr. Pony Western Horsemanship J68-A 1st Year Horse Western Horsemanship J68-B Jr. Horse Western Horsemanship J68-C Sr. Horse Western Horsemanship J69-A Jr. Pony Western Pleasure J69-B Sr. Pony Western Pleasure J70-A Jr. Horse Western Pleasure J70-B Sr. Horse Western Pleasure J71-A Jr. Reining J71-B Sr. Reining J72-A Jr. Western Riding J72-B Sr. Western Riding J73-A Jr. Trail J73-B Sr. Trail J74-A*** Jr. In-hand Trail J74-B*** Sr. In-hand Trail J75- Driven Trail J76-A Jr. Ground Roping J76-B Sr. Ground Roping J77-A Jr. Ranch Showmanship J77-B Sr. Pony Ranch Showmanship J77-C Sr. Horse Ranch Showmanship J78-A Jr. Ranch Horsemanship J78-B Sr, Pony Ranch Horsemanship J78-C Sr, Horse Ranch Horsemanship J79A** Jr. Pony Ranch Pleasure J79B** Sr. Pony Ranch Pleasure J80-A Jr. Horse Ranch Pleasure J80B** Sr. Horse Ranch Pleasure J81-A Jr. Ranch Riding J81-B Sr. Ranch Riding J82-A Jr. Keyhole Race J82-B Sr. Keyhole Race J83-A Jr. Stakes Race J83-B Sr. Stakes Race J84-A Jr. Pole Bending J84-B Sr. Pole Bending J85-A Jr. Cones & Barrels J85-B Sr. Cones & Barrels J86-A Jr, Barrels J86-B Sr. Barrels J87-A Jr. Flags J87-B Sr. Flags J88-A Jr. Down & Back J89-B Sr. Down & Back Presentation of Grand and Reserve Contesting Champions for both the Junior and Senior Divisions will be done at the end of the show. Contesting champion for Jr. & Sr. Division is determined by adding up points assigned to placings of each class. Class # Class Premium A, B, C J64-J69A 2.25 2.00 1.50 J69B-J69C 4.00 3.00 2.00 J70-A 6.00 4.50 3.00 J70-B 5.00 3.50 2.50 J70-D 4.00 3.00 2.00 J70-D – J74 2.25 2.00 1.50 J75 4.00 3.00 2.00 J76 6.00 5.00 4.00 J78-J88 2.25 2.00 1.50 J89 6.00 5.00 4.00 Metal Work – FFA J64 Funnels J65 Feed Scoop J66 Hay Hook J67 Tractor Pins (3 fastened together) J68 Hand Tools (4 different tools-reconditioned) J69-A Small: punches, cold chisel chipping hammer J69-B Medium: tool box, etc J69-C Large: Roller Tool Cabinet similar project Welding J70-A Large project – (Over 100 inches of weld) J70-B Medium-Large project – (60-100 inches of weld) J70-C Medium-Small project – (20-60 inches of weld) J70-D Small project – (20 inches of weld) J71 Arc Welding Panel J72 Oxy Acetylene panel J73 Hard Surface Plow or Shovel Woodworking – FFA J74 Small Woodworking (spice rack, bookends, sewing box, cutting board, shelf, shadow box, book rack, bench hook, etc) J75 Medium Woodworking (saw horse, night stand, hall tree, magazine rack, box hockey, show box, etc) J76 Large Woodworking (workbench, picnic table, lawn furniture, china/curio cabinet, farm trailer, bed, etc) Crops/Gardening – FFA J78 Corn (3 stalks with roots removed, tied at butt end) J79 Wheat (1 quart or 30 heads with roots removed) J80 Rye (1 quart or 30 heads with roots removed) J81 Oats (1 quart or 30 heads with roots removed) J82 Barley (1 quart or 30 heads with roots removed) J83 Tomatoes (20 green or ripe in suitable box for display) J84 Hay (slice from bale wrapped) J85 Soybeans (10 mature stalks with roots intact) J86 Special Crops (sweet corn, pickles, etc) J87 Potatoes (1 peck or a healthy plant) J88 Vine Crops (1 large or 3 small vegetables) Refurnishing – FFA J89 Tractor Refurnishing

4-H Project Work Superintendent Jason Hedrick, 4-H Educator Members should refer to the county 4-H project requirements to determine what to exhibit for their project. Items must be exhibited in 4-H Club booth. (If club does not have a booth, then items will be exhibited in general exhibit area in the building. All exhibits must be in place during the duration of the fair. Individuals are limited to one entry per class. Premiums will be paid on the average of interview grades and if you exhibited at the fair. Class # Class Premium A, B, C $2.25 $2.00 $1.50 (all premiums as stated above unless otherwise specified) About to 4-H J91 Discovery 4-H J92 4-H Around the Globe Animal Sciences J173 Horseless Horse J200 All About Dogs J204 Grooming Dogs J200 Dog Project Book J215 Cavy Projects J216 Purr-fect Pals, Level 1 J217 Climbing Up, Level 2 J218 Leaping Forward, Level 3 J220 Pocket Pets J227 Pet Rabbit J244 From Airedales to Zebras, Level 1 J245 All Systems Go, Level 2 J246 On the Cutting Edge, Level 3 J365 Self Determined Clothing & Textile Science J406 Clothes for High School & College J407 Accessories for Teens J408 Creative Costumes J409 Sew Fun J410 Designed by Me J411 em-bel-lish: A 4-H Guide to Wearable Art J412 Sew for Others J413 Sundresses and Jumpers J415 Ready, Set, Sew Active J417 Dress-Up Outfit J418 Lounge Wear J419 Terrific Tops J420 Outerwear for Anywhere J424 Clothing for Middle School J425 Looking Great for Less J426 Clothing for your Career J430 Shopping Savvy J432 Sewing and Textiles Communication J377 Finding Your Voice Creative and Leisure Arts J492 Cake Decorating J496 My Favorite Things J497 Scrapbooking J498 Quilting the Best Better J499 You Can Quilt! J592 Get Started In Art J593 Seeing Through Graphic Deisgn J442 Family History Treasure Hunt J584 Photography Basics Level 1 J585 Next Level Photography, Level 2 J586 Mastering Photography, J588 The Writer in You Food & Nutrition J459 Let’s Start Cooking J461 Let’s Bake Quick Breads J462 Yeast Breads on The Rise J463 Sports Nutrition 2: Get Set! J467 You’re the Chef J469 The Global Gourmet J472 Grill Master J474 Beyond the Grill J475 Star Spangled Foods J476 Kitchen Boss J477 Party Planner: A 4-H Guide to Quantity Cooking J481 Everyday Food & Fitness J485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals J486 Dashboard Dining: A 4-H Guide to Healthful Fast Food Choices J487 Fast Break for Breakfast Healthy Living J300 You’re the Athlete J351 Staying Healthy J352 Keeping Fit J353 First Aid In Action J354 Medicine Science & Safety J355 Tracking Your Health & Fitness J357 Alcohol & Drug Abuse J358 The Truth about Tobacco J359 Your Thoughts Matter Home Living J405 The Laundry Project J491 It’s My Home J494 Makeover My Space J495 Your First Home Away from Home Leadership and Citizenship J370 One on One J371 Club Leadership 1 J372 Diversity: The Source of Our Strength J373 My Hands to Larger Service J374 Teens on Board J375 Leadership Road trip J376 Pantry Panic J378M Leadership Master J383 Club Leadership 2 Money Management J445 Becoming Money Wise J448 Teens…On the Road to Financial Success Natural Resources Gardening J670 Canning and Freezing J671 How Does Your Garden Grow? J673 Edible Landscapes J691 Grow Your Own Vegetables J692 Growing with the Seasons The Natural World J611 Lets Explore the Outdoors J612 Geology: Can You Dig It? J613 Exploring Polar Science J617 Exploring Ponds J620 Why Tree Matters J621 Ohio Birds J622 Trapping Muskrats in Ohio J623 Beginning Fishing J624 Intermediate Fishing J641 Beekeeping Project and Record Book J644 Insects Adventures 1 J645 Insects Adventures 2 J646 Insects Adventures 3 Shooting Sports J630 Safe Use of Guns J631 Basic Archery Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math J501 Rockets Away (bottle rockets) J502 Science of Flight J503 Rockets Away (Estes rockets) J555 ATV Safety J517 Bicycling for Fun, Level 1 J518 Wheels In Motion, Level 2 J493 Science Fun With Kitchen Chemistry J540 Rope J541 Crank It Up J542 Warm It Up J543 Tune It Up J548 Lawncare J527 Magic of Electricity J528 Investigating Electricity J529 Wired for Power J530 Entering Electronics J531 Science Fun with Electricity J550 Young Engineers in Solar Energy J490 Science Fun with Dairy Foods J500 Science Fun with Physics J507 Robotics 1 with EV3 J508 Robotics 2 J512M Robotics Master J551 Starting Up: Level 1 J552 Tractor Operations: Level 2 J553 Moving Out: Level 3 J554 Learning More: Level 4 J561 National Safe Tractor & Machinery Program 365 Self-Determined Woodworking/Welding Premiums A B C J556 2.25 2.00 1.50 J557 4.00 3.00 2.00 J558 5.00 4.50 3.00 J559 6.00 4.50 3.00 J571 4.00 3.00 2.00 J556 Measuring Up J557 Making the Cut J558 Nailing it Together J559 Finishing Up J573 Arcs & Sparks

Booth Awards Each club will be given a $10.00 premium if they made a group display. SPECIAL AWARDS SPECIAL INTEREST/MISC. 4-H PROJECT SWEEPSTAKES – Winner will receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate. Sponsored by: In Memory of Dick Schroeder 1. Must be a 4-H member enrolled in Putnam County. 2. Must be enrolled in at least one special interest/misc. project for the current year. 3. Display the projects at the county fair. 4. Complete the Sweepstakes Application and return it to the Extension Office by the deadline. 5. Can only be eligible to win every other year. OUTSTANDING WOODWORKING AWARD – “IN MEMORY OF TOM SIEFKER” 1. Must be a 4-H member enrolled in Putnam County. 2. Must be enrolled in at least one 4-H Woodworking project for the current year. 3. Display the project(s) at the county fair. 4. Complete the Outstanding Woodworkers Application and return it to the Extension Office by the deadline. 5. Can only be eligible to win every other year in each division. 4-H CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: One $100.00 gift card will be awarded a High School Jr. or Sr. who completes the Career Achievement form along with a resume. Due May 15th each year. MATT ELLING ROTATING MEMORIAL TROPHY: Presented to the Junior participant who scores the highest combined points from the JUNE PAS show and Fair Horse shows in the Jr. Trail Class. Presented by 4-H Horse Council in memory of Matt Elling.

Showmanship Classes 1. Exhibitors must show his or her own animal. 2. Junior Division: 9-13 as of January 1st of current year. Senior Division: 14-18 as of Jan. 1 of current year. 3. The Senior Showmanship winner of each species will compete for overall showmanship honors at the Show of Showmen contest on Friday evening. SHOW OF SHOWMEN CONTEST Friday, June 24 at 5:00 PM – Main Show Arena 1. Each contestant must have won the Showmanship of one of the classes of animals included in this show. 2. The Showmanship winner will participate in all specie classes. 3. Scoring of each class is as follows: 1 pt for First Place; 2 pt for second; 3 for third; 4 for fourth; 5 for fifth; etc. Contestant with the lowest points is the winner. 4. Classes represented are as follows: Beef Steers/Beef Feeders, Dairy Steer/Dairy Feeder, Horse, Swine, Poultry, Rabbits, Goats, Sheep. 5. A tie will be broken by the person’s skillathon score or a show off with a determined class. 6. Should one contestant have won two Senior Classes, they must decide which species they wish to represent with the runner up in the other division taking their place. 7. Should someone be unable to participate, runner-up will show. DECORATED ANIMAL CONTEST Wednesday, June 22 at 7:30 PM – Main Show Arena 1. Open to all Jr. Fair Livestock Exhibitors 2. Decorate the animal and exhibitor in a costume or theme outfit. 3. One entry per exhibitor 4. Classes include: Small Animals: rabbits, chickens, goats, Large Animals: sheep, dairy, beef, horses and swine 5. Prizes will be awarded.

Rules for Putnam County Junior Livestock Sale 1. All Bonafede Jr. Fair Market Class exhibits at the Putnam County Fair are eligible to participate in the Jr. Fair Sale according to the following rules. 2. Pens/Pairs of market poultry/ rabbits must be sold as pen. (No pullets, doves, pigeons, fancy chickens or single fryer rabbits sell.) 3. The exhibitor is responsible to feed, water and care for animal until it is loaded on the buyer’s truck. 4. Checks will be distributed by as soon as possible after settlement for all sales have been made. 5. To cover advertising, ribbons and supplies for the sale, a deduction of 2 1/2% of gross sales on beef, swine, lambs, poultry, rabbits, dairy and goats will be made. For Champion/Reserve Champion animals, a $20.00 deduction will be taken to cover the cost of sale pictures. Up to two pictures will be provided to each Grand/Reserve buyer(s). Additional pictures must be requested at the expense of the exhibitor. A 2% of gross sale for OSU E administrative will be deducted from check. 6. All animals sold through the livestock auction sale will be marked “FAIR”. “FAIR” means that the buyer will pay the premium bid only and the animal will be turned over to the FAIR for disposal at market price (Open Class Bred & Fed Champions can be brought through the livestock sale and taken “HOME”. “HOME” means the buyer is responsible for paying the total bill and removing the animals from the fairgrounds. 7. Purchasers are requested not to re-sell purchases animals and request a change in billing. 8. All Junior Fair animals judged to be Champion/Reserve Champion in the market beef/dairy, swine, goats, rabbits, poultry and lamb shows must be sold through the Jr. Livestock Sale. 9. Steers sold in the Jr. Livestock Sale will have $2.00 per head deducted and sent to the Ohio Beef Marketing Association. For promotion of beef use. This is required of all beef animals sold for meat purposes in the State of Ohio. Each lamb sold will have $.75 deducted and forwarded to the Ohio Sheep & Wool Program for promotion of lamb. 10. No exhibits will be sold without the presence of the owner or a stand-in. 11. All feeder calves which are selling will go through the sale arena as “FAIR” animals. Thus, each feeder calf will have a base bid prior to entering the sale arena. Base bid animals will be put in groups of three by similar weight and sex and a base bid given on each group. These animals must go to the fair with the highest base bidder receiving the calves. 12. All market livestock exhibitors must declare at the scale during weigh in if they will be selling their animal or pulling it from the sale. Forms should be filled out at the Jr. Fair Office. Animals will be sold if they are not pulled from the sale. 13. All steers will be sold with a 2% shrink from show weight. 14. Pictures will only be taken of Champion/Reserve Champion animals including: Beef, Dairy Steer, Bred and Fed Beef, Bred and Fed Mkt. Goat, Bred and Fed Swine, Bred and Fed Mkt. Lamb, Market Gilt & Barrow, Market Lamb, Dairy Feeder Calf, Beef Feeder Calf, Market Goat, Poultry – Meat Fowl, (chickens, ducks, and turkeys) Pen of Three Meat Rabbits. 15. Jr. Fair exhibitors are limited to one trip through the Jr. Fair Sale unless they would have 2 or more champions that sell. 16. Jr. Fair exhibitors will not bring their livestock exhibits through the sale arena. Only Grand/Reserve Grand Champion animals will be brought through the arena. 17. All animals will be sold by premium only. Buyers will bid a dollar amount above the animal’s market value. (i.e. a steer weighs 1200 pounds and has a base bid of $.70 a pound. The steer’s market value is $840 and a buyer will bid $30, $40, etc. premium above that price.) 18. Ohio Department of Agriculture regulations mandate that all Market Grand and Reserve Grand Champions and/ or Market Champion and Reserve Champions must be slaughtered. 19. All animals subject to Ohio Department of Agriculture testing procedures must pass in order to sell. 20. The above rules may be modified, changed or added to by consent of the majority of the committees. SALE COMMITTEE Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Committee is composed of representatives from each of the following groups and are selected annually for this committee. Extension staff; Vo-Ag instructors, Senior Fair Board; Swine Committee; Beef Committee; Dairy Committee; Sheep/Goat Committee and Rabbit/Poultry Committee.