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general information


One Day Admission at Gate


Adult, age 10 and over
Does not include any rides

One Day Admission at Gate

Children, age 9 and under
Does not include any rides

Season Pass


Purchased at Secretary’s Office
Allows entrance every day of fair
No voting rights
Does not include any rides

Membership Pass


Purchased at Secretary’s Office
Must be resident of Putnam County
Allows entrance every day of fair
Right to vote for Board of Directors
Does not include any rides



Term Expires 2023

Rick Knippen-Riley *
Jay Beckman-Van Buren
Nathan Meyer-Jackson
Luke Karhoff-District III
Garry Kleman-Liberty
Kendra Von Lehmden-Wentz-Blanchard
Kacie Wehri-Perry 

Term Expires 2024

Aaron Roth-Palmer
Brandi Schrader-Monroe
Craig Unterbrink-Monterey
Doug Meyer-Jennings
Dale Schulte -District IV
Matt Wiechart-District V

Term Expires 2025

Philip Tucker-Greensburg
Austin Prowant-District I
Josh Wolke-District ll
Brandon Schroeder-Ottawa
Matt Maag-Pleasant
Maurice Miller-Sugar Creek
Holly Warnecke-Union

* Appointed

special Notices


The Putnam County Fairgrounds has been designated as a pedestrian campus only, for the safety of our patrons and exhibitors. No vehicles of any kind allowed on grounds during fair hours. Patron and cargo shuttle service available for our guest’s convenience.


No pets or animals allowed on the fairgrounds except those participating in Fair Board authorized exhibits and/ or competitions. This rule does not apply to service dogs or law enforcement canine units.


Ohio Revised Code Chapters 4301, 4303 and 4399 prohibit the carry in or carry out of alcoholic beverages. This includes, but is not limited to all entertainment events and parking areas.


No person shall be permitted to make solicitations of any nature on the fairgrounds except in designated available contracted concession or commercial rented spaces. This applies to, but is not limited to, any religious, political or other special interest groups.


No person will be permitted to post or display signs, distribute handbills or advertising material or sell or distribute free, any merchandise, except persons under contract.


The Putnam County Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of parked vehicles or personal property contained within parked vehicles. No obscene pictures, immoral shows, vulgar language, intoxicated persons or degrading conduct permitted on grounds. Board reserves the right to suspend any rules herein, or take any action it may deem necessary to protect the best interests of the Fair and the public.

The Putnam County Fair Board and the Putnam County Commissioners will take every precaution in their power for the safe preservation of livestock and articles on exhibition after their arrival and arrangement upon the fairgrounds. However, above parties will not be responsible for damage to exhibits or livestock by fire, water, windstorm or any act of God, nor does the Board assume any liability for loss by thefts or accidents, to persons or property. The Board will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in this premium book. Board reserves right to rule on all questions not covered by rules, and to interpret the rules herein published. Disregard for rules will forfeit pay and premiums if board so determines.

The fair board reserves the right to make any additions or deletions to the schedule of events for the benefit of the fair. Any announcements made during the fair will take precedent over material printed, and in this book. Decisions of the fair board are final. No refunds for gate admissions or ride bands.