USER POLICY

                Effective January 1, 2010


As the immediate managerial organization for the Putnam County Fairgrounds,
the Putnam County Agricultural Society (PCAS) issues the following grounds
usage policy. This policy applies to all activities both inclusive and exclusive of
the annual fair. Any and all exhibitors, campers, concessionaires, renters,
lessees and visitors, are advised to strictly adhere to the following regulations.
The intent of the Grounds Usage Policy is to limit maintenance and repairs,
extend permanent improvements and facilitate user convenience and patron

 Entrance Gates, Traffic and Parking

1. All entrance gates to traffic thoroughfares open to the inside of grounds.
Opening gates toward the street will result in limited function and compromise
traffic safety.

2. Traffic and parking signs are posted for both driver and pedestrian safety and
must be respected. Violators are subject to fine and/or towing at owner’s
expense. Fairground is patrolled 24/7/365 by the Ottawa Police Department
and/or Putnam County Sheriff.

3. All power poles are painted in safety yellow for easy identification. Please stay
off and away!

4. Cement barricades have been strategically placed in tight clearance areas to
protect buildings and grounds. Please use extra caution when maneuvering your
vehicles in these designated areas.

5. Any damage to grounds property should be reported to the fair office at once
and a police report must be filed. The PCAS is not responsible for any personal
property damage or bodily harm due to user mistake or negligence. Users are
obligated to make reparations to PCAS for any damage to grounds property.

                     SECTION II

1. All regulations as outlined in Section I apply in full.

2. Restrict all activity to designated rented area or portion of grounds. Special
Notice – All equine are prohibited from all barns except those where stalled. The
indoor show arena is available to equine competition only when conditions
prevent use of outdoor show arena.

3. All animal waste and bedding should be removed. During fair, manure must be
deposited in designated holding areas.

4. Any temporary exhibitor signage and/or decorations should be dismantled and
removed at conclusion of event. This includes all Junior Fair individual and club
exhibits during fair. It also means all materials, including bark, signs, staples or
fasteners, rugs or mats, cords, feeders, gates and waterers must be taken out
promptly. If you brought it in or put it up, you must take it out or tear it down. No
exceptions!FINES MAY BE IMPOSED AT DISCRETION OF PCAS if protocol is not

                      SECTION III
                    GENERAL USE

1. All rules as prescribed in Sections I and II apply in full.

Signs & Banners. Signs and banners may be displayed with certain
restrictions. They may be attached to chain link wire fence with plastic zip ties or
rope. Under no circumstance should signs be fastened to any permanent
structure on the grounds including but not limited to metal and or wood siding,
posts, concrete, etc. If there are any questions, consult the grounds committee
and or grounds keeper before proceeding. This policy applies during the fair and
all other activities and events as well.

Trash and Garbage. Renters or lessees are responsible to clean up area
before leaving grounds unless agreement specifically states otherwise. With
regard to all campers, including during the fair, the immediate area should be
cleaned. This refers to all trash, paper, garbage and rugs or mats. Grounds
should be left in the condition they were at beginning of fair or event. Your help
is most needed and appreciated.

Alterations. Any changes to rented grounds area involving excavation,
grading, mowing, electrical, plumbing etc. must have approval of grounds
committee and be under the supervision of a PCAS Director or the

5. All exhibits are subject to inspection and certification by proper authorities at
the onset and throughout the fair or other event. This includes but is not limited
to insurance providers, safety inspectors, police officers, PCAS directors and
Department of Agriculture representatives.

6. Ag Society equipment and/or vehicles can be used for fair use only.  No
personal use of any equipment and/or vehicles is allowed.

               IN APPRECIATION

Thank you for reviewing the Putnam County Fairgrounds User Policy outlined
here-in. It has been enacted for the mutual benefit of the PCAS and our patrons.
If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary’s Office at 419-523-
4628.We hope you have a successful event, and an enjoyable stay.

Grounds Committee
Putnam County Agricultural Society
January 1, 2010
Revised 2012