Three Classes: 5500, 6500 and 8500 - Pulls always in this order

MANDATORY Drivers Meeting 30 minutes before the competition starts.

1. No consumption of any alcoholic beverages by the driver of the truck. If so you will be removed from the

2. Single elimination. Best 2 out of 3 pulls.

3. Must pull other truck 10 feet. Measured from the center of the strap.

4. All trucks must weigh in prior to pulling. You will be disqualified if over weight limit.

5. All tugs start and stop by the signal lights on the pad.

6. You are not permitted to switch drivers after registration.

7. All trucks must pass inspection.

8. Maximum 30 inch hitch height inspection.

9. Must be DOT approved tires. NO slicks, racing competition tires or retreads allowed. Officials have the final
say on whether a tire is acceptable or not.

10. Front weight is allowed. All weight must be SECURED. If weight falls off you will be disqualified,

11. No passengers in truck.

12. No truck adjustments on the pad. Includes tire pressure, locker adjustments, etc...

13. Pulling off the tug pad will result in disqualification. Your tires are not allowed to leave the pad once you
are hooked up.

14.  The flaggers will assist the drivers. Do not disrespect them or run them over.

15. Do not exit your truck once on the pad. If you need out of your truck, you must ask permission from the

16. Only officials will be allowed on the pulling pad. No outside coaching is allowed. No standing by the truck
and assisting the driver.

17. No fighting or arguing with officials. You will be arrested and disqualified from the competition.
Entry Fees - $20.00 per Hook
Must pay Gate Admission
Pit Pass $10.00
Driver & 1 Crew member do not have to pay for Pit Pass
Must be at least 14 years of age to be in Pit Area
Make check payable to: Putnam County Fair. Return entry fee with completed form to:
Putnam County Fair,  P.O. Box 47 1490 E. Second Street, Ottawa, OH 45875
Phone 419-523-4628          Fax 419-523-9552
Web: http://www.putnamcountyfair.com/